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Effective Solutions to Mid-Trip Crisis

Effective Solutions to Mid-Trip Crisis

Mid-trip crisis can be described as spending much of your energy in self-indulging and having a great time but feeling crappy afterwards. To deal with mid-trip crises, there are things that should happen. For instance, you need to have consistent time to build relationships during the trip. This creates a sense of belonging. You also need to schedule your time for activities that make travel feel purposeful. Finally, you need to have fun during the trip. But, this may still not solve the problem. In that case, try the following solutions to mid-trip crisis.

Define Your Experience Expectations

This is very important especially for group travels. When you define your experiences together, you develop a sense of belonging due to your consistent interactions. However, you might feel like you no longer have the freedom to do what you love when traveling. Essentially, life satisfaction and happiness are largely dependent on the expected experiences. Therefore, when traveling as a group control and define your experiences. Specify the places you want to visit to avoid wandering which can make travel lack purpose.

Follow Your Normal Routine

You maintain normalcy when you stick to your routine. For instance, go for a morning run, have breakfast, and spend some time reading. This will make you feel like you are living your normal life away from home thereby making the experience more fulfilling.

Work Remotely

When you work remotely, you support the sense of belonging and purpose. Although your interactions with other people will be limited, you will still keep in touch. Thus, you can immerse in your travel activity without feeling like you are wasting time and money.


Volunteering enables to enjoy travel in a special way. You can volunteer on a short term or long term basis when traveling. Nevertheless, volunteering creates a sense of belonging thereby helping you solve the mid-trip crisis.

Mid-trip crisis does not apply to every traveler. However, many people face mid-trip crisis whenever they travel. There are infinite solutions to mid-trip crisis but these will help you travel the way you want and enjoy your trip.

How to Be a Good Traveler

How to Be a Good Traveler

When you conduct research on being a good traveler, you will come across many destination-specific advices. However, according to the blogster of this website called Southwest Appliance Repair, there are ways to be a good traveler regardless of your destination. Whether you take a weekend trip or fly halfway across the world, following these rules will make you a good traveler.

Be Nice

Whether delays plague you, you are rushing, or simply having a really bad day, don’t take out stress on other people. Try to be nice to everybody you come across no matter what you are going through. Remember that other people have their troubles too.

Let Animals Be

Animals make traveling amazing. However, being a good traveler means observing animals without interfering with their natural habitat or disturbing them. Don’t dangle items into the cages for their entertainment or bang on the glass.

Be Patient

Security line at the airport or people ahead of you might be walking slowly. You could also get stuck for hours in traffic. These are some of the things that can make you impatient. But, always remind yourself that you will eventually get to your destination. Angry sighs, yelling, and pushing won’t help. Just be patient and do your best.

Be Tolerant

One important thing about traveling is the fact that it gives you a chance to meet different people. But, don’t rush to judge other people whenever a chance arises. Instead, view people as different. Take this as a chance to learn about other people and appreciate their cultures.

Dress Appropriately

Dress appropriately depending on your destination. Depending on where you go, you may want to dress more modestly than you usually do. You may also have to up your normal outfit game instead of having workout wear. Basically, tailor your wardrobe according to your destination to show respect.

Observe Etiquette  

There are ways people expect you to behave in different social situations. But, to be a good traveler, conduct a quick research in relation to your destination. When you know what people at your destination expect you to behave, you will be more comfortable. And, people around you will appreciate you. This may include learning the basic phrases of the language spoken by people at your travel destination. For instance, learn to say things like “thank you” and “hello”.

Follow these rules and you will become a good traveler that other people will have an easy time interacting with.

How to Ease Restless Leg when Traveling

Restless leg syndrome refers to a condition where a traveler experiences the need for almost constant legs’ movement to relieve tingling sensations, discomfort, or “needles and pins”. The condition gets worse when traveling in the evening, at night, or after sitting for long hours. This makes long-distance drives, cross-country train travels, and long-haul flights real pain for some travelers. If you experience restless leg when traveling, here are tips on how to ease the problem.

Choose a Good Seat

An aisle seat is the best for a restless leg sufferer. This enables them to move up and down the aisle without disturbing other passengers. Moving up and down boosts circulation in the legs which eases the restless leg syndrome.

Be Busy

Being busy keeps the mind distracted. Reading a book might not be enough. As such, you might need something more engaging mentally. Something like a puzzle book, Sudoku, or crossword can work for you. You can also load up the laptop or tablet with a good film or the latest series to binge-watch.

Maintain Movements

Avoid sitting down in the departure lounge. That’s because you will sit down for long hours when flying. Therefore, try to make the most of this time by walking around. Check out the restaurants and cafes around the airport to maintain movements.

Dress Appropriately

Wear compression socks that are tighter at your ankle. These help with blood flow stimulation from your legs up. They can also reduce discomfort and restlessness. Compression socks are available in pharmacies, travel shops, and online.

Use up Stored Energy

A sure way to de-stress is burning off the extra energy in your body. You can do this by exercising before the trip. Exercising is easier when you intend to take a flight after some hours.

In addition to these tips, try to soothe legs, avoid stimulants, and increase magnesium intake. Magnesium enhances nerve and muscle function and this plays a role in easing restless leg syndrome. Follow these tips to ease restless leg during your next trip, and don’t forget to book your trip in advance.

Seven Must Visit Sites In Istanbul

Seven Must Visit Sites In Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with a reasonably rich history. It was once a capital city of Constantinople. The remnants of the famous Byzantine Empire are still found there today. If you are keen on the history of European civilization, you already know how Istanbul is important. The major attractions of this city are its magnificent monuments, which remind you of the history of civilization all the way from mediaeval times to today. Majority of attractions are situated in the district of Sultanahmet although you can find exciting sceneries elsewhere. You cannot say that you have been to in Istanbul if you have not visited the following sites.

1 Aya Sofya Monument

This monument was first built as a church. The empire of Byzantine, Justinian finished it in the year 536 AD.  He is reported to have bragged that he had outdone King Solomon. Maybe he did outdo him because Aya Sofia church was very magnificent. Many believed that it was the center of the earth

The Ottoman armies converted it to a mosque during the conquest of Istanbul. It was however reconverted again to a museum in the 20th century.

2 The Topkapi Palace

Ancient monument of Topkapi palace was first built by the Mehmet the Conqueror.  It is known worldwide for its display of rare Islamic arts; the courtyard is opulent with beautiful tiles and paintwork. If you want to know how sultan of Ottoman Empire lived in private, Topkapi Palace is the place to be.

3 Sultan Ahmet Camii mosque

Sultan Ahmet left a legacy of this intricate mosque. It was built for seven long years from 1609 to 1616. Its interior is decorated with thousands of Iznik tiles. These tiles make the mosque acquire a bluish hue.

4 Basilica Cistern

You will be surprised by the ingenuity and technology of the Byzantine Empire when you visit the basilica cistern. It is an enormous underground water storage hall. The cornerstone was laid by Constantine the Great and was finished in the 6th A.D

5 The Hippodrome

Constantine the Great finished this iconic monument in the year 330. It was meant to be the center of Byzantine public life because there are chariot races and other sport facilities. Today very little is left of this monument. Whatever is left is used to reconstruct the medieval life.

6 Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Istanbul national museum preserves important artifacts from all over the Middle East. It is divided in three portions: Ancient Orient, the actual museum and the artifact of Mehmet the Conqueror.

7 Suleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque is one of the most recognizable buildings in Istanbul because it is on a hill. The famous Ottoman cemetery is adjacent this iconic mosque.


Istanbul is a city from the past. It preserves the history of Asia and Europe combined. The monuments of this city are a must-see for lovers of culture and history. When you plan to visit Istanbul, make sure you have enough time for there is a lot to see.