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How to Ease Restless Leg when Traveling

Restless leg syndrome refers to a condition where a traveler experiences the need for almost constant legs’ movement to relieve tingling sensations, discomfort, or “needles and pins”. The condition gets worse when traveling in the evening, at night, or after sitting for long hours. This makes long-distance drives, cross-country train travels, and long-haul flights real pain for some travelers. If you experience restless leg when traveling, here are tips on how to ease the problem.

Choose a Good Seat

An aisle seat is the best for a restless leg sufferer. This enables them to move up and down the aisle without disturbing other passengers. Moving up and down boosts circulation in the legs which eases the restless leg syndrome.

Be Busy

Being busy keeps the mind distracted. Reading a book might not be enough. As such, you might need something more engaging mentally. Something like a puzzle book, Sudoku, or crossword can work for you. You can also load up the laptop or tablet with a good film or the latest series to binge-watch.

Maintain Movements

Avoid sitting down in the departure lounge. That’s because you will sit down for long hours when flying. Therefore, try to make the most of this time by walking around. Check out the restaurants and cafes around the airport to maintain movements.

Dress Appropriately

Wear compression socks that are tighter at your ankle. These help with blood flow stimulation from your legs up. They can also reduce discomfort and restlessness. Compression socks are available in pharmacies, travel shops, and online.

Use up Stored Energy

A sure way to de-stress is burning off the extra energy in your body. You can do this by exercising before the trip. Exercising is easier when you intend to take a flight after some hours.

In addition to these tips, try to soothe legs, avoid stimulants, and increase magnesium intake. Magnesium enhances nerve and muscle function and this plays a role in easing restless leg syndrome. Follow these tips to ease restless leg during your next trip, and don’t forget to book your trip in advance.