Tagged: Is It Better to Roll or Fold Clothes in a Suitcase When Traveling?

Is It Better to Roll or Fold Clothes in a Suitcase When Traveling?

When packing a suitcase for a vacation, you can either opt to fold or roll your clothes therein. However, many travelers usually find it hard deciding whether to roll or fold their clothes in a suitcase when going on trips. In case you experience similar problems, the following are guidelines to help you determine the best ways to pack your clothes in a travel suitcase. 


Rolling clothes offers greater versatility and makes your luggage to look compact. Although it can take a good chunk of your time, rolling up clothes in a suitcase can save a lot of space. The key benefit of rolling up clothes in a suitcase is that it enables you to carry more clothes without taking up much space. Besides, rolled clothes are also easier to spot and retrieve, thereby giving you an easier time whenever you need a change of clothes. 

Despite the benefits, rolling is only suitable for casual dresses, t-shirts, pants, pajamas, and swimsuits. It is not ideal for bulky garments like sweaters since they usually take up a lot of space when rolled. 


This is the default for most travelers but, folding clothes also has its share of pros and cons that you should know before opting for it. One of the benefits of folding clothes is that it is an easy and quick task that almost everyone is familiar with. It works great for structured garments like button-down shirts, jeans and dress pants. Because most of these clothes are sold and kept folded in closets and drawers, recreating the fold lines can help with reducing wrinkles.  

Unlike rolling, folding is ideal for heavier fabrics. For clothes with thin and soft fabrics like t-shirts, folding is likely to cause creases. Besides, folding is also less-conservative when it comes to space, taking up a lot of room in the suitcase. Even retrieving a garment from a stack of folded clothes can be quite hard. 

Based on the above revelations, rolling could be a better way to pack clothes in your travel suitcase. But, you can also combine both techniques or fold the garments depending on the size of your suitcase and the particular types of clothes that you need for the trip.